The function and basic requirements of flotation machine

Issuing time:2021-01-23 13:37

The function of the flotation machine is to realize the separation and enrichment of minerals. The flotation machine must have the following functions: 1. Aeration. The foam flotation relies on the adsorption of mineral particles on the surface of the bubbles, and finally it is scraped out by a bubble scraping device to achieve usefulness. Separation and enrichment of minerals. Therefore, the flotation machine must be equipped to introduce air and generate bubbles of a certain size in the slurry, and finally evenly dispersed in the slurry; 2. Stirring, the flotation machine has three main functions to keep the mineral particles suspended in the slurry, Promote the dissolution of the insoluble agent in the diffusion, give a certain kinetic energy to the slurry, so that the ore particles meet the bubbles and complete the bubble mineralization; 3. Circulating action, the ore slurry passes through the aeration stirring device many times, so that the mineral particles and the bubbles have a sufficient probability of contact. Improve the recovery of useful minerals; 4. The transportation function of the concentrate foam layer, the liquid level of the flotation machine must be able to form a stable three foam layer to complete the secondary enrichment; 5. Continuous operation and easy adjustment, used in industry The flotation machine must be able to achieve continuous operation, and various indicators are easy to adjust during the working process.

The basic requirements are: 1. At best, it is large and easy to adjust. The number of bubbles in the slurry directly determines the size and flotation speed of the flotation machine, so the flotation process must be sufficient at best. Different minerals and different flotation processes require different amounts of aeration and bubble size, so the aeration amount of the flotation machine must be easy to adjust; 2. The stirring intensity must be sufficient, and the agitation of the flotation machine makes the mineral particles in the slurry Maintain the suspension, make the agent full volume and diffusion, make the air cut into bubbles and evenly distributed in the slurry, so sufficient stirring strength is necessary for the flotation machine; 3. The slurry passing capacity is small, on the one hand to ensure the flotation The processing capacity of the machine is large. On the other hand, the flotation machine can increase the circulation of the slurry and increase the probability of contact between the mineral and the bubbles; 4. It can form a stable foam layer and discharge it; 5. The structure is simple and easy to maintain And operation.

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